RECYCLE POWER is the marketing concept developed by John F. Sherrel III. We offer the world an alternative to purchasing a remanufactured or new product. Engines and Transmissions can be purchased at a fraction of the cost of the alternative. Our engines and transmissions are actually run as they were removed. "Yes you can actually run your engine upon request." Transmissions are checked for metal content and Dyno tested, per application requirements. Additional services are offered upon request :IE fluids filters, seals, etc. Engines are tested by the following methods:

1. Coolant Contamination / Oil or fuel
2. Oil Contamination / water, metal, fuel, coolant
3. AM Smoke & Dry exhaust / Fuel, oil, coolant
4. Crankcase pressure
5. Oil pressure / within OEM specs
6. Vibration & Misfire / felt heat, check with heat gun
7. Noises related to possible wear or future problems

     Yes you have better odds than Vegas with the combination of thirty plus years of expertise, along with the seven check points. Our Engines are sold as is. But this is a valid alternative.

You have a choice!!
John F. Sherrel III

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